life and entropy

Universe displayed in the stage of order, starting from disorder and ending in disorder


Holding opposing views simultaneously is an unnatural proposition. Consciously how can we reconcile the wide gap that exists between the two oppositions? How can you agree and disagree with a single idea, at the same time?

Surprisingly as a species we do this all the time and it is in fact in our nature. Life vs death, Mind over matter, Night vs Day, Heaven vs Hell, Order vs Entropy… This incongruence, the wide gap, exists from the day we are born to the day we die. Our whole universe is built with opposing forces. Matter vs Antimatter, positrons vs electrons, anti protons, anti neutrons, our environment is filled with opposites.

Our western culture posits that life is the beginning and death is the end. Stoics help us understand this dichotomy a little deeper. There is also a state before life, when we are dead but not yet alive. We enter life from a state of death. It is just as good probability, as any, that this is the state man returns to when she dies.

Stoics propose death as the beginning. Wrap your head around that and the natural conclusion is that one purpose of life amongst many, is to simply reconcile the wide gap between conflicting reality.

If we start from the Big Bang, our stages were disorder, which moved into order, swirling gas clouds, solar systems, planets, life, humans, aliens; with the universe expanding, entropy will give us again disorder, and we start over again. In the meantime here man lies to enrich her understanding of conflict and revel in its beauty.

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